The 10 Best Christmas Paper Plates Reviews

No holiday party is complete in the absence of festive paper plates to celebrate the party. Whether you’re planning for intimate gatherings with a number of close friends or a large Christmas family celebration, then you should look for Christmas paper plates to help you make clean-up easier and faster. This way, you’ll have enough time to be with your family and friends. Some paper plates are sold on their own, while others come in a set that includes napkins, salad plates, cups, spoons, etc.

Disposable dinner plates can certainly make cleaning up easier, convenient, and above all eliminate the risk of breakages in case small kids would be around. Disposable plates made of Styrofoam and plastic do not decompose or degrade, thus not the best choice for the environment. This is where compostable paper plates come in as they are both disposable and degradable. You can find out best Thanksgiving paper plates reviews here.

Here are advantages of paper plates…

Microwave-safe and unbreakable: A good number of paper plates that are compostable are also microwave safe and can be used to warm food at a party. The fact that they’re made of paper-board makes them perfect for kiddie parties. If you have question that can you microwave paper plates? You can find out more here.

Easy Clean Up: If you’ll be hosting a Christmas party at home, then it’s time you come up with a plan to keep your guests satisfied and at the same time lessening clean-up so you’re not tired the rest of the time. Christmas paper plates come in handy to fulfill this purpose.

10 Best Christmas Paper Plates Reviews

1. Ottin Christmas Paper Plates for 24 Guests 9”Dinner 7”Dessert Plates

This paper dinnerware includes 24 pieces of 7” dessert plates, 24 pieces of 9” dinner plates, 24 counts of 9 oz. cups and 24 straws.

Multiple designs for your choices: The set comes with Silver Foil dots for blue themed, Stars and chevron for yellow themed, and Gold dots for pink themed. They also come in unicorn themed for Christmas and new year celebrations, birthday and wedding decorations, party supplies, baby shower, and engagement decoration.

Decorate your party: These paper plates are perfect for several themed celebrations, dinner parties, and weddings.

Safe for use and environmentally friendly: The products are 100% Food Grade as well as BPA-Free. The cups and plates are made of biodegradable paper, hence disposable and easy to clean-up.

2. Holiday Christmas Wishes Tableware Pack

Brighten your Christmas party with this Christmas/winter themed tableware set containing 15×7” dessert plates, 7” luncheon napkins, 9 oz. cups, and 12” oval-shaped dinner plates.

Each of the plate comes with a pattern of bright red poinsettias, boughs of holly, green leaves, and a “Merry and Bright” message in a fun font. You can pile up this plate with your Christmas delicacies.

Features, measurements and dimensions

  • The plates are microwave safe
  • Weigh 0.6 lb.
  • Measure 1×12.2×10.3 inches (HxWxD)


  • Material- Paper
  • Color- Gold/Red/Green
  • Set size- 1-24
  • Use- party pack, office and breakroom
  • Items included- 8
  • Origin- united states

Add some cheer to your Christmas parties, family gatherings and other occasions with these party packs.

3. Member’s Mark Holiday Snowflake Oval Plates

The set comes with 55 pieces of oval dinner paper plates measuring 10×12 inches. These superior quality Performa paper plates deliver style and strength with the convenience that comes with disposable tableware.

The plates are cut-resistant, water-resistant, and sturdy to hold enough toppings for any meal. The plates feature red graceful winter appearance with sliver and white snowflakes. They come ready to serve a full meal and a number of trips to the buffet table with their oversize.

4. Christmas 80 Disposable Paper Plates

Heavy weight and long-lasting: These sturdy and durable paper plates are of high quality and take after real China tableware. These beautiful and fancy plates are designed for Christmas occasion and other winter holidays. The set comes with 80 paper plates measuring 10.25×7.5 inches, 40 napkins, 40 cups, 80 forks, and 40 knives.

Beautifully and elegantly designed: These modern and seek paper plates, napkins, and cups are designed to decorate your table settings. They are made from strong paper that doesn’t feel cheap like the conventional disposable dinner plates. Their number makes them perfect to accommodate the capacity for serving guests at prom nights and cocktail parties.

Convenient and reusable: You should take this modern tableware to a whole new level. The plates and cups are hand-washable, recyclable, and at the same time disposable for a quick clean up after a party. They are perfect for large events and your guests will fall in love with these dinner plates without having to worry about breaking glass.

Cost effective and reliable: The paper plates and cups are classy-looking, heavyweight, and are well-designed and realistic. These are high-end plates and cups that provide some elegance and sophistication in special celebrations such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, winter holidays, and many more.

Value for your money: In case you’re not satisfied with the product, Amazon allows you to return the item and claim your full refund. You get a 90-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

5. Member’s Mark Wonderland Frost Snowflake Performa Paper Christmas plates

Get an elegant table setting: These plates come with a dynamic color combination of green and red coupled with a snowflakes design that creates an elegant Christmas atmosphere when you set the table.

Get more time to enjoy with friends: The Member’s Mark Wonderland Frost Snowflake paper plates are disposable, which reduces clean-up time drastically giving you more time to be with friends and loved ones.

Boost your holiday cheer: This Christmas party set’s vibrant and lively appearance and graphics made of superior quality amplifies holiday cheer.

The plates are resistant to leakage: They are made of high grade Performa to avoid any leakage, hence giving you a free dining experience. They come with a 3-ply napkin that’s thick and sufficiently absorbent to wipe your hands with just a single sheet. You get 50 pieces of 6.75” paper plates as well as 100 pieces of high quality napkins. The napkins come with equal amounts of 2 designs.

6. Christmas, New Year’s Holiday Deluxe Winter Party Paper plates, desserts plates, and napkins

The set comes with 20 count 10.5” paper diner plates 30 pieces of 3-ply 4.92×4.92” napkins, and 20 count 7.8” dessert paper plates. They add a coordinating style and some color to your Christmas table setting. Everyone will fall in love with this disposable paper tableware.

It’s perfect and a must-have for busy moms, planners, dads, and teens. The plates are also ideal for family gatherings, friends’ feasts, events, corporate celebrations, and other celebrations and games during the festive season.

7. Elegant Christmas Paper Plates & Napkins for 50 Guests in Red & Gold Foil

This set is enough to serve 50 guests: This Christmas dinnerware set comes with 50 pieces of 9” paper plates with a Merry Christmas design in a gold foil on a white and red background, 50 pieces of 7” dessert plates that come with a candy case striped design with scattered snow flakes, and 100 count Luncheon napkins with a Merry Christmas design on a red background.

Superior quality: These elegantly designed plates are made of superior quality paper. The accompanying napkins are soft and made of absorbent materials, hence great for the holiday season. However, you shouldn’t place the plates in the microwave.

Dimensions: The plates measure 9” in diameter while the dessert plates measure 7”. The accompanying napkins measure 13”x13” when open and 6.5×6.5 inches when folded.

8. Christmas Dinnerware for 40 Guests, 280 Pieces of Paper Plates

This bundle includes all you need for Christmas and winter celebrations, serving 40 guests. The set comes with 40 pieces of 10.5” strong dinner plates, 40 count 9 oz. paper cups, 40 pieces of 7.5” salad plates, and 40 pieces of luncheon-sized napkins.

The set’s vibrant graphics and superior quality materials from Blue Sky will add some elegance to your Christmas table set. These disposable paper plates reduce clean-up time so you get more time to party with your friends.

9. 200PCS Christmas Party Paper Plates and Napkins

100% Food Grade Paper: These Christmas-themed paper plates are made of biodegradable paper, hence environmentally friendly. 

Superior quality: The plates don’t fold while you’re carrying food. The accompanying napkins are soft and fully absorbent giving you a pleasant Christmas experience.

Dimensions: Dinner plates measure 9” in diameter, dessert plates measure 7”, and the napkins measure 13×13”. 

Perfect for Christmas: There are many Christmas features on the plates and the napkins such as the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowman, snowflakes, bell, gift box, reindeer, etc. The color of the set will make you your Christmas party more interesting. You can as well use them for birthday and baby shower parties.

10. Creative Converting 24 Christmas Paper Plates & 36 Napkins Place Settings Set for Holiday Fun

The plates come with fun Santa and Snowman designs. They are premium strength plates that they don’t fold when you’re carrying food. The paper plates measure 8.75” in diameter and are 24 in number. Napkins measure 6.5” and are 36 in number.


Paper plates are better solutions for large celebrations such as Christmas and winter parties as they offer a way out of the tedious clean-up. You need more time to party with friends and family instead of doing the dishes for many hours. You also need to sit and relax anyway.

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