How To Make Horse with Paper Plates

At times during the school holidays or over the weekends the children will be searching for fun and thought-provoking activities to engage in. Have you been speculating how to employ paper craft ideas you have found on the web or elsewhere?

Paper craft ideas are more like the journaling prompts; they are destined to be employed as a beginning point for your kid’s inventiveness to launch. Take a single idea plus think about all the different methods you might make that task. It is sort of like requesting a classroom of 30 first graders to all draw an orange. At the conclusion of this activity, you will have 30 different distinctive orange masterpieces.

Paper plate crafts are continuously popular, nonetheless, you must be cautioned that the paper-plate horse is to some extent trickier than many of the paper plate crafts! Younger kids will require help cutting and drawing the leg and head shapes, plus maybe with some of the stickings as well. However, in the long last the good-looking end effect is worth it!

Things Required


Paper Plate Horse

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STEP 1: Paint your plates brown and leave them to dry up. (For younger kids you may need to do this beforehand).

STEP 2: Fold both the plates in half. One is for the body – place it to one flank.

STEP 3: On the other platter just draw a neck plus face so that its nose sits alongside the fold and two legs.

STEP 4: Cut out the head plus draw on the eyes and mane.

STEP 5: Glue the edges of the neck alongside the fold of your body plate.

STEP 6: Cut out the horse legs, cutting alongside the fold in order that you get four. Draw on the hooves. Glue the horse legs around the border of your body plate.

STEP 7: Cut slips from the scuffles of your second plate to have a tail and glue it on the body. The paper plate horse is now ready to be displayed. You can now show it up for everyone to enjoy the creativity of the kids.

The kids can have some enjoyable moments cutting the legs and sticking them, cutting out the other body shapes and ending up with an excellent paper horse! You understand your baby or kid best so please be careful to judge which goings-on shall work well plus out of harm’s way for you and your toddler. Whether you are searching for something big or small scale, clean or messy, you are sure to discover something to outfit your needs in this fun range of paper craft horse activities for toddlers.


It can never be too early to begin introducing imaginative activities to kids. The above of process-paper plate horse activities for kids and toddlers shall allow them to interact with different stuff in a plethora of diverse ways. It is delightful to offer even the so young one opportunities to try out with textures and colors and to create.

Some of the activities may be totally fun-filled, motivating all of the senses plus some are mess-free for the times when you require it easy and clean! This activity shall permit your baby or kid to discover, experiment and craft in their own exceptional way.

Enjoy making this paper plate horses which involves all sorts of crafty activities for younger kids – cutting, painting paper plates, sticking and of course show casing it at the end! It is ideal for those who adore horses and crafting! Hopingly this will inspire kids to “gallop” and get those craft supplies plus make one of your own paper plate horse today!

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