Best Paper Plate Crafts for Your Kids to Make in 2023

Paper plate crafts are easy to use, eco-friendly, and are very helpful for decorating the home with cheap and creative DIY products.

We have listed the 5 products that can be easily purchased and can be used for decoration throughout the home. As these are cheap and handy it is easy to make and can be used to decorate any part of the during some occasions like birthday or any party.

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids Available Online

Useful for the kids to develop their creative ideas and develop their skills in creative editing of the crafts. This also builds the mind power of the children and keeps them away from technology.

Below are some of the best 5 products that can be purchased at the Amazon site and can be used to create DIY crafts in 2023 and make the new year colorful.

Unicorn Theme Paper Plate for Kids

This is an eco-friendly paper plate made from paper, which looks cute and are impressive craft that can be made easily from paper that looks creative around the house.

The product has a unicorn pasted on it, which looks cute and are easily loved by kids. This is one of the easily made and attractive crafts that can be made from a paper plate.


  • Cheap – this pair of plates can be easily purchased with lesser expenses.
  • Eco-friendly – as these plates are made from paper they are eco-friendly.
  • Attractive and satisfaction for price easily attracted cartoon that sells faster.
  • Laminated plates thus can be also used for eating.


  • Delicate these plates are delicate in nature as they are made from paper and torn easily.
  • Cannot be used as a larger decorative item – this product is small and cannot satisfy full decorative needs.
  • Also, laminated plastics are bad for health when used for eating.

LZHZH DIY Paper Plate for Kids

Contains paper plates (2 sizes) and colorful stems, tempera colors, brush and glitter paper, google eyes, buttons and stars, colorful pom poms and craft glue, flowers and gumming stones, organic paper, and kids scissors.


  • Make beautiful DIY paper plate crafts like fish, wall hanging, snowman, etc.
  • The craft set will keep your little darling engaged throughout the day.
  • Helps in improving creativity and imagination


  • The pack contains a lot of delicate materials which are prone to tearing.
  • Contains scissors and glue and glitters which are harmful to kids when not kids are not under attention.

Alex Toys Paper Plate Bugs

The Alex Toys Early Learning Paper Plate Bugs lets your child make five funny-looking bugs with ordinary paper plates.

Just peel, stick and glue to create funny friends. Step-by-step instructions with no reading required are included. Each project comes individually wrapped and ready to begin when you open the box.

Art and creative work are beneficial for children because they enhance their imagination and foster healthy learning habits. Let your child chose from over 100 different stickers with this kit that fosters imagination and increases creativity.

Following instructions instills patience and playing with the puppets will teach kids how to appreciate the final product of their hard work.

Includes 150 stickers, 2 eyes, 6 pipe cleaners, 2 pom poms, fringed, tissue, and crinkled paper, 10 craft sticks, 6 buttons, and instructions.


  • Turn a colorful paper plate into a funny looking bug
  • Each project comes individually wrapped
  • iParenting Media Award winner
  • Recommended for children 3 years of age.


  • Again the products are delicate
  • Harmful if not guided
  • Here Fashion Paper Plate Craft Art kit animal paper plate crafts set 10 pcs preschool learning toys pattern A

Product Preview and Pros

Funny kids crafts: This Paper Craft Art Kit is specially designed for a toddler, chose some colorful little animals as the theme, let originally ordinary paper plates through the kid’s hands to put it into unique and interesting paper crafts, play the kid’s imagination, improve the hands’ ability of toddlers.

Use healthy ingredients: Non-toxic and harmless material, these paper plate crafts are made from eco-friendly paper, durable and colorful, all parts pass the safety test. So it can bring a good manual experience to our kids while bringing a safe environment.

Excellent teaching supply: This sticker craft art kit is also a good teaching supply for parents and teachers, as we know, preschool kids are curious about the outside world much, so this sticker paper plate can allow kids to realize the different animals and can inspire their interest in craftsmanship.

Safe paper film: All parts made has a paper film with knife line sweetly, children can pop out the pieces from the cards easy, so kids can enjoy their masterpiece without scissor, amazing crafts toys for our little kids.


  • Probably no cons as completely made of paper and many are delicate and may be prone to be torn

Mini-FactoryKids Early Learning Education Play DIY Cute Animal Creative Paper Plates ArtKit – 8Pcs


  • Early Learning Education DIY Children Craft for kids. Fit for kids above 3 Years.
  • Have fun when helping kids to learn about different animals. Enhance the ability to hand-eye coordination by putting all parts together.
  • Excellent Kids Teaching Supply Gift Set for Parents and Teachers. Allowing Kids to participate and interact with each other in Class and Home.

Package Included: 10 X Paper Plates in a different pattern (Elephant, Tiger, Pig, Giraffe, Panda, Frog, Chicken, Ladybug), Double-sided tape.


  • Delicate
  • Not competitive than other DIY crafts
  • Basic craft easily bored


Through the above products, one can learn how to make creative paper plate crafts just through paper plates. Though they may not be costly and shiny they are very creative and cute to make the new year a decorative and happy one.

The pale colors and easy way to make the crafts are the highlights of the paper plate craft. Paper plate crafts are also eco-friendly and are cute little decoration pieces to decorate the house.

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