8 Best Thanksgiving Paper Plates Reviews

Paper plates can be spotted at backyards and in picnics all summer long. They are great solutions for simple foods such as hamburger, hot dogs, and sandwich, but are messy if used for pasta or potato salad. Paper plates are products of the early 20th century and will continue to be used for many centuries to come.

History of Paper Plates?

Since the early 20th century, paper plates have become a stable tableware in almost any household. A majority of paper plates are white, but dyes and bleach are often used to come up with patterns and pictures to add some texture or color to the end-product. Paper plates can therefore be branded for any occasion, for example, Christmas, ThanksGiving, weddings, and welfare events.

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How Paper Plates are Made?

Paper plates are made from plant fibers, normally extracted from trees. The fibers are then separated, washed, then forced past mesh screens and turn into liquid pulp. Paper plates are then taken as paperboard: a thick sheet of paper. This sheet of paper is either corrugated or boxboard for boxes and paper plates respectively. A paper plate making machine is used to make the plates of varying shapes and sizes.

Let’s Talk About Benefits of Paper Plates

Reusable : Some plates are made of Styrofoam product, which makes them re-usable. Such plates come in various strengths for messy foods, along with holiday styles and designs. In fact, a majority of plates made of Styrofoam are recyclable.

Environmental Friendly: Some companies make plates entirely from water and fallen leaves. After use, they can be left in a compost heap for about 3 months, after which the used plates turn into manure that can be used to grow vegetables and other plants. Other than paper plates, the companies can make serving dishes and bowls.

Disposal: Conventional paper plates are naturally biodegradable; hence you can dispose them in an ordinary trash. However, some paper plates may contain traces of volatile organic dyes or chemicals, which environmentalists aren’t sure what, if any, damage or harm may cause after disposal. Styrofoam plates are recyclable, but you need to check the packaging for more details.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving paper plates, then you should know a few things about them. So keep reading this text for the 8 best thanksgiving paper plates.

8 Best Thanksgiving Theme Paper Plate Reviews

1. Autumn Always be Thankful Paper Dinner

Each of these plate bears a message “Always Be Thankful” in a fun font style. It also features a borderline of beautiful and delicate leaves. You will definitely fall in love and be thankful when your table is set with the Autumn “Always Be Thankful” Paper plate. You can stack these paper plates high with your Thanksgiving favorites.

Enjoy better time with your friends and relatives with this disposable dinnerware because your cleanup will be easier and faster. Fun and festive party paper plates add some color to your thanksgiving décor. The plates are conveniently delivered to your residence, which gives you more time to prepare your thanksgiving party.


  • It’s microwave safe
  • Made of paper
  • Weighs about 0.9 lb. 
  • Measures 10.5×10.5×0.5 inches


  • Product type- dinner plate
  • Material- paper
  • Color- white/Beige
  • Use- catering and partying
  • Number of items- 1
  • Number of packs- 18
  • Origin- United States

2. Autumn Thanksgiving Medley Paper Dinner Plate

Thanksgiving party is all about being happy and grateful for what you got. You should therefore treat your guests to a dinner table set with this Autumn Thanksgiving Medley paper dinner plate.

The plates will let everyone know that you’re thankful for everything you have. Each of the piece included in the pack bears “Happy Thanksgiving” message and comes with a border of leaves, grapes, flowers, pears, and berries. This is therefore the best option to serve your guests a feast.


  • The plates are microwave safe
  • They are made of paper
  • Features berry autumn and pears print
  • Ideal for Thanksgiving dinner

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weights 0.3 lb.
  • Measures 10.5×10.5×0.5 inches (HxWxD)


  • Set size- 24
  • Material- Paper
  • Purpose- Catering and partying
  • Color- Red/Beige/Green
  • Product type- Dinner Plate
  • Items included- 1
  • Number of packs- 8
  • Origin- United States

Shipping: Amazon.com offers free shipping for this product and therefore will be delivered to your doorstep within 5-8 business days after your items are ready to ship.

3. Festive Fall Square Dinner Plates

Fall into autumn with the colorful Festive Fall Square Paper plate. Each piece features a border of orange, red, green, and yellow leaves with red berries and acorns. You should pile up these paper plates with your preferred thanksgiving foods and serve your guests. They are a perfect fit for a feast.


  • Made of paper
  • They are microwave safe
  • 10″ square with 18 pieces
  • Perfect for table use
  • Great solution for Thanksgiving events, themed occasions, Christmas, and other office or home decorations.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weighs 0.91 lb.
  • Measures 10x10x0.5 inches (HxWxD)


  • Product type- Dinner paper plate
  • Material- Paper
  • Set size- 1-2
  • Color- orange/red
  • Number of packs- 18
  • Use- Catering and partying
  • Origin- United States

Shipping: Add your favorite product to your cart. If it bears “Free Shipping” on the product detail page that’s satisfied and shipped by Amazon, then it’s eligible for free shipping. You’ll receive your order in 5-8 business days after checking out on the product page.

4. 50 Thanksgiving Paper Plates Oval Large in Elegant Autumn Leaves Design

These oval paper dinner plates come in Gift Boutique set that includes 50 pieces of large oval plates measuring 10×12 inches.

Elegant design: These oval dinner plates come with an amazing Thanksgiving Autumn design with 3 maple leaves at the center adorned with leaves as well as acorns border on an ivory background.

Superior quality: These plates are made of superior quality thick paper. It’s sufficiently large so your turkey would fit properly.

Multi-use: these plates are perfect for a Thanksgiving party, harvest/fall celebration, or themed events. The plates are disposable therefore reducing clean-up time. Therefore, you can have enough time to be with your friends and relatives.

Coordinating dinnerware: If you’re looking for coordinating dinnerware, this could be the best option to go for. It includes a set of 50 count 9″ plates, a set of 50 count 7″ plates, 50 count of 9 oz. cups in gold foil, and 100 count of Luncheon napkins.

5. Thanksgiving Paper Plates Napkins Disposable 50 pieces

This set serves up to 50 guests: This Gift Boutique Thanksgiving dinnerware set comes with a total of 50 pieces 10″ dinner paper plates in elegant autumn design with a maple leaf at the center.

The set also features a total of 50 pieces of 7″ Dessert plates with a gold foil “Give Thanks” at the center of an orange maple leaf plus a gold rim. The set also features 100 Luncheon Napkins that come in a coordinating design to the dessert plates.

Superior quality: These dinner paper plates are made from superior quality thick paper. The accompanying napkins are soft and made of absorbent material. Therefore, the plates are great for any Fall event, Thanksgiving and Autumn Festivals.

This is a coordinating dinnerware: This is a perfect coordinating dinnerware that comes with 50 pieces of 9 oz. cups with gold foil and 50 pieces of oval plates.

Bulk Set: The set comes with a bulk quantity of superior quality paper plates as well as napkins, which together make sure you got enough to serve your guests at any Thanksgiving, Autumn, and Fall event.

Dimensions: Dessert paper plates measure 7″ while the dinner plates measure 10″. Napkins are 3-ply measuring 13×13 inches when open and 6.5×6.5 inches when folded.

6. Disposable Dinnerware Set – Serves 24 – Thanksgiving Party Supplies

This dinnerware set serves up to 24 guests: it includes 24 pieces of each of the following items:

  • Paper plates
  • Forks
  • Spoons
  • Plastic knives
  • Cups
  • Napkins

This all-white paper silver features a design with colorful foliage, ferns, leaves, pumpkins, and acorns on a beige background.

High quality: The paper plates are rigid and thick and won’t disappoint you when carrying food. The accompanying napkins are soft, 2-ply, and made of absorbent material. The set is just pleasurable to use.

Environmentally friendly and safe to use: The set is 100% Food Grade and free of BPA. The plates, napkins, and cups are made of biodegradable paper.

Suitable for parties: The dinnerware is ideal for gobble parties, family get together, themed parties, and autumn events. You can serve your guests in buffet, gatherings, daily meals, events, and catering.

Dimensions: The accompanying paper cups can hold about 9 oz. of drink. The Napkins are 2-ply measuring 6.5″x6.5″ when folded. Paper plates are 9″ in diameter.

7. Hexagon Design Disposable Paper Plates – 50-Count Fall Themed Celebrations

The set includes a maximum of 50 hexagon-shaped paper plates and feature a range of foliage of leaves as well as ferns together with Thanksgiving acorns.

Superior Quality: The plates are made of a rigid 350g white paperboard that won’t fold while you carrying food. The plate’s styled deep bottom design helps you hold more treats without spilling.

Safe for use and to the environment: The material is 100% Food Grade, BPA- free and FDA-Approved. The paperboard is also biodegradable.

Suitable for parties: The plates are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner parties, themed parties, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, family gatherings, and autumn events. You can serve your guess in buffet, daily meals, catering, and potluck.

Measurements: the plates measure 9×8 inches.

8. Thanksgiving Paper Plates Thanksgiving Turkey Plates Pk 16

The set comes with a total of 16 paper plates measuring 10.25×10.25 inches. You can use them for fall parties, fall weddings, Halloween, and Thanksgiving dinner. Only water-based inks have been used on these Caspari paper plates as well as the accompanying napkins.

Make your fall decoration exceptional with these paper plates and the accompanying napkins, which match well with the plates. What’s more? The addition of coordinating cards is a plus for your fall table decorations.


Do you love to cook and entertain your guests during Thanksgiving dinner but dread the cleanup? You should therefore order some Thanksgiving paper plates and dispose them after use instead of spending hours doing the dishes. In fact, if you’re holding the Thanksgiving dinner at home, you’re already tired of preparing the food and you’d rather do yourself a favor by skipping the clean-up process.

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