8 Best Paper Plate Holders Reviews

Be it a festival, family celebration or just a happy occasion, picnics have always played a crucial role. All these festivities centres around food, the amount of which is not little.

In such a case, paper plates are a saviour, as they can be bought liberally and carried effortlessly, no matter where the destination is. They make picnics a lot easier, especially when there a lot of people.

Even though it has many benefits, they are very fragile and light, has low durability and cannot guarantee to stay put during an entire meal. This is where the paper plate holders come to use, making the experience much smoother.

It is much ideal for greasy hands and can manage to stay intact without tearing apart during the meal. They are reusable and can be put in microwaves and dishwashers. These paper plate holders are available in the online market with a wide variety of styles and materials.

• The Bamboo paper plate holders and help to have a firm grip on the plate. They can not be reused easily as application of water would deteriorate its quality. It will also collapse under the heat and pressure of gadgets such as microwaves and dishwashers.

• The Plastic paper plate holders are reusable and can be subjected to any kinds of external heat and pressure. These plates make use of tabs so that the paper plate can be easily secured within the holder. There are a variety of available colors but the stains can be removed easily as they are made of plastic.

Black Plastic paper plate holders are the same as any other plastic holders, with tabs to secure the paper plates, and sturdy nature. This product, however, as it is dark-colored, it is almost impossible to stain and can appear sleek and shiny no matter how many times it has been used.

• Another type is the Wicker Rattan paper plate holders. Although it’s qualities are the same as that of the bamboo paper plate holders, this product has more number of weaves making it extra durable as the material won’t fall apart that easily.

• The Vintage paper plate holders are of the same quality as Wicker Rattan holders but with intricate weaves and a slightly more elegant look. Although this type of holders don’t boast additional advantages, it is the perfect type to use when there are guests over as it is classy, durable and more firm to hold.

• A slightly different type is the paper plate holder with Inbuilt Handle. They are unique in style and are more convenient as the user can simply hold the handle and maneuver it. This is ideal for those who stand and eat, but sadly has the disadvantage of applying extra pressure to the hand if the handle is too small.

• Then comes the holder with Multiple Handles which is ideal for group eating. This holder is of the same quality and material as that of the plastic paper plate holders but with extra features so as to make it more convenient for extra purposes.

• There are holders with an extra Cup Stand which is the perfect one to use for children. It is made of plastic and has an extended area to keep drinks. This is slightly bigger in size and may use additional space than the normal holders while traveling.

• Apart from the plastic paper holders with tabs to fit the paper plates, there are holders which have a Solid Plastic Base without weaves or tabs. This type generally is not the ideal choice but will completely cover the paper plate, kind of like another plate.

• The paper plate holders with Raised Edges are the perfect kind for messy eaters as they keep the food from spilling, and is more comfortable to use as it gives more protection to the paper plates. Sadly they have the disadvantage of taking extra space while traveling.

This product is very useful as it makes picnics more comfortable, proving a smooth eating experience. They are reusable and hence do not add to the pollution in any way. It makes traveling easier and surely passes as a must-have product for any camper. You can also make different crafts using paper plates too.

Where can I buy a paper plate holder?

The paper plate holder are available mostly in some local vendor shops. You can also buy it online from some popular shops like Amazon or eBay where you can get a wide range of paper plate holders at good prices. The paper plate holders are lightweight and sturdy. If you ever wondered, why is there a metal thing attached to your plates? That’s the special type of paper plate holder that holds your plates very tightly & prevents them from slipping out while moving or carrying them around with no spills which will make everyone happy! Overall it’s a great product for daily use so don’t forget to have one for your home.

8 Best Paper Plate Holders To Buy Online

Paper plate holders are a revolutionary way of saving space, pollution control, cost control. People tend to miss out on some minute things while moving off to a trip. The paper plate holder is one of them. Paper plate holders can be used in day-to-day life and really helpful for people who constantly order food or who run short of time on a daily basis.

1. Hot Pink Plastic Paper Plate Holders by TRUE BLUE

PROS                                CONS
Reusable Plastic made
Washable Easily breakable
Compact Costly for a set of 4
Attractive bright pink color Same color plates

Set of 4 reusable plastic paper plate holders of 10-3/8 inches in diameter. It has a nested design that permits compact storage. A bright and attractive pink color which gives it a good look for parties and events.                                                                                 

2. Plastic 9” Paper Plate Holders by Maryland Products

Set of 4 black paper plate holders each having diameter

9 inches. Washable and reusable plates with netted design. These plates are comparatively more costly and smaller in size than Product 1 but the material used in these US designed plates is more flexible and hard plastic (PP).

Compact Smaller comparatively
Durable Costlier
BPA free  

3. Wicker Paper Plate Holder Set of Woven Rattan Basket by Fox Run

Environment-friendly Smaller in size
Multipurpose Costly
  Will wear out soon

These paper plate holders have an antique. These wooden rattan holders can also be used as baskets in daily works and are multipurpose which bids them a higher price than usual but for a set of 10, it can be considered a decent price.

4. 9” Paper Plate Holder Set By Cosmos

Different colors Comparatively thinner
Cost efficient  

A really good deal of 8 paper plate holder set of different and attractive colors. Each having diameter of 9 inches, made of high-quality PP plastic which is flexible and hard. 

5. Bamboo Paper Plate Holder Set of 4 By Mainstays

Wooden Basic look
Cost benefitting  
Bigger in size  

Attractive deal on bamboo plates. These plates are bigger in size with 10 inches diameter and are cost-efficient too when it comes to buying a wooden paper plate holder.

6. Reusable Plastic Paper Plate Holder Set By PINK

Cheap Low quality
Compact in size Comparatively smaller
  Same color

A very cost efficient deal of 12 paper plate older set bearing good quality plastic and attractive pink color. These will have a good hand in daily use for people running short of time.

7. Pack of 4 Paper Plate Holder Set of 2

Durable  Very costly
Thermo efficiency  
Attractive color  

Pack of 4 paper plate holder set each containing 2 plates of blue and white color great for camping and outdoor meetings.

8. Tropical Green Plastic Paper Plate Holder Set 

High budget deal with a set of 4 paper holders of 10 inches diameter. These come with an attractive and stylish tropical green color which enhances the look of these. Made of good quality plastic with a nested pattern.

Attractive look Material quality not that good
Decent price  
Nested pattern  


From going through all the deals and comparing all the paper holder sets, Product 4 came out to be giving the best deal. It’s cost-efficient and has 12 different attractive colors which make it a perfect buy for all.

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